“Food shared with love satisfies the palate, brings connection to one another and delivers joy to the heart."

Celebrating & Understanding Men and Women Workshops

Lovely decor, delicious food and soothing music of course contribute to a romantic table. So does creating a loving relationship before you sit down at the table. Perhaps because my parents divorced, I’ve made it a point to study how to have happy, satisfying relationships and have read over 100 book on the topic and sought out happily married couples. I’ve learned a great deal. So I was delighted when a girlfriend introduced me to Alison Armstrong, a national expert, educator and co-founder (pictured above) of PAX’s programs – an amazing resource for understanding men and women. I highly recommend the workshops by PAX (which stands for Partnership, Adoration and Xtasy). To date I’ve taken the following workshop Making Sense of Men, Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women, Celebrating Women and Understanding Women. My girlfriends and I (pictured above) took the women’s workshop together which was a fun girlfriend weekend as well. I was also happy when my husband Jim agreed to take the Understanding Women workshop (a co-ed workshop) and we both left with a better understanding and appreciation of each other. We’ve implemented me telling him when that I just want him to listen and that a story has no point. This allows a man to relax, just listen and not try to fix. Of course, my Jim says if there is a plate of delicious food in front of him all the better. I also count to 30 seconds after he speaks to see if he might have something else to say which has allowed him to share even more of himself. These are tips I learned in the workshops. Alison’s wonderful research has also led her to authoring a book called Keys To The Kingdom and creating wonderful CD’s of several of her workshops. For more information you can check out the PAX website at www.UnderstandMen.com
A great place to start is with PAX’s free 3 hour introductory course called Making Sense of Men, which you can see if it is held in your area by checking on the dates and location button on the website. Also, if you’d like to hear me interview Alison on my radio show Romancing the Table: a celebration of life, love and food, on the voiceamerica.com network – you can hear replays on my website http://www.moderndaygoddess.com/ by clicking on the RT banner. Enjoy!

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