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Creating A Romantic Table with Decor and Romantic Music by Grammy Nominee Michael Hoppe


with Edible Silver from Easy Leaf products

Listen in to my Romancing the Table show: a celebration of life, love and food on the voiceamerica.com network to hear my show on creating a Romantic Table that reflects beauty and romance fit for gods and goddesses.

Go to my website homepage for a direct link to live show Thurs. 4 to 5pm (Pacific) 7pm Eastern. I have an inspiring and wonderful interview with Grammy nominated musician and composer Michael Hoppe whose music truly touches and romances the soul. My husband Jim and I discovered Michael Hoppe’s music while having a very romantic dinner on our honeymoon at the Katikies Hotel. We liked his music so much we requested to hear it when we returned to the hotel after our Greek Island Wedding in Santorini.
It was Michael’s album the Yearning thta we heard back in Greece. I also am enjoying his album Solace that was nominated for a Grammy and has a track of Vangelis performing one of Michael’s compositions. My other two favorites are Romances for Solo Piano and How Do I Love Thee? The World’s Most Beautiful Love Poems set to Michael music and read by actor Michael York. http://www.michaelhoppe.com/

On the show I share my own goddess tips tips for creating romantic table decor that reflects beauty and romance fit for the gods and goddeses. Thenk I talk with Lynn Neuberg from Easy Leaf (http://www.easyleafproducts/) on how to add the ultimate gold and silver goddess touch to your table by using edible gold and silver. A tradition that is steeped in fascinating history.

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