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Crete – Under the Grecian Sun (Press Release)

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From the producers of the #1 New York Times’ about.com Culinary-Travel Gift
choice, A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class.

Crete – Under the Grecian Sun
A Romantic Culinary-Travel Journey Documentary with The Goddess and the Greek® filmed on the Greek Island of Crete
Total Run Time: 58 minutes
Available on DVD or streaming – Watch FREE streaming on TV/Online with Amazon Prime Video
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Opening Night Selection at London Greek Film Festival and Los Angeles Taste Award Audience Nominee.

“Cynthia Daddona skillfully hosts this romantic culinary-travel journey and her improvisational comedic talents also shine through making for a very entertaining program.”Hellenic Journal

“I enjoyed it very much. The writing, editing and hosting are quite good and it’s fun to watch.
— Larry Sakin, Exec. Producer – Being George Clooney

Just for a moment, imagine one day you are sitting at a waterfront restaurant table overlooking the Aegean blue Mediterranean sea while a warm gentle breeze lightly caresses your face. The next day you are eating savory Mediterranean cuisine while sitting at a rustic Tuscan-like table at an ecotourism village farm. You’ve finally arrived at a breathtaking destination – a Tuscany on the Aegean Sea. You are on Greece’s Big- Island, Crete. Now you too can experience this delicious cuisine and the romance of Greece wherever you are with the new DVD or streamed TV program (Amazon Prime, Vimeo) called Crete – Under the Grecian Sun, A Romantic Culinary-Travel Journey documentary with The Goddess and the Greek®. In the blink of an eye you can transcend everyday life and transport yourself to this paradise with a simple click of the TV remote or your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Crete – Under the Grecian Sun makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone special who would like to experience the romantic settings, flavors, culture and history of Crete, Greece.

Crete – Under the Grecian Sun showcases the bountiful food traditions and tables, both ancient and modern, vibrant and vital villages, wisdoms of the YiaYias (grandmas), working farm-to-table agro-tourism sites, contemporary hotels and spas, sun-soaked sandy beaches, goddess-based ancient Minoan culture, archaeological splendors of rich history, and natural majestic landscapes reminiscent of a Tuscany on the Aegean Sea. Its cuisine is forever an ethnic cornucopia of tastes and smells using the freshest local ingredients and time-honored recipes. Cretan culture today is a blend of mainly Greek along with touches of Venetian & Turkish influences. This delicious, entertaining and informative program is the next best thing to actually being in Crete!

Crete – Under the Grecian Sun with The Goddess and the Greek® is an uplifting video journey highlighting food and travel on the beautiful Greek island of Crete. Follow award-winning lifestyle journalist, comedian, author (Diary of A Modern Day Goddess) and Greco-Roman beauty Cynthia Daddona. On occasion, she is also joined by her Greek- American history-buff husband James, as she explores rustic villages and urban areas of Crete. Crete is also the birthplace of the world famous Mediterranean Diet study that showed Cretan villagers’ farm-to-table cuisine and lifestyle were one of the healthiest and longevity producing ways-of-life in the world.

AphFoodite®, The Greek Goddess of Food and Love; Aphrodite, Venus, Cynthia Daddona

AphFoodite®, The Greek Goddess of Food and Love

As a wellbeing author (Diary of a Modern Day Goddess), lifestyle journalist (food, travel, culture, wellness) and an independent filmmaker, Cynthia was delighted to experience, first-hand, farm-to- table Mediterranean cuisine and Crete’s culture, ancient history, village life and its warm, friendly people. “The fact that Crete is the island where the Mediterranean Diet’s longevity research first took place was extra special for me as I enjoy researching how food and lifestyle affects one’s well-being. In between filming, I enjoyed eating the delicious food prepared with love by the chefs, local cooks and Yia Yias (Greek for grandmother.)” says filmmaker Daddona. The 15-year research study headed by Ancel Keys, started in the late 1950’s in Crete and was called, “The Seven Countries Study.” It confirmed that Cretan island villagers had the lowest heart disease rate in the world giving the Mediterranean Diet its gold standard.

The Goddess and the Greek

The Goddess and the Greek®

Like all good heroic journeys there have been challenges along the way toward completing this documentary. One of the challenges was when Cynthia’s beloved husband, James, was diagnosed with an environmental illness. Gratefully, he is now healing through the help of continuous prayer, a great environmental medical doctor and the couple following an eco- lifestyle that avoids toxins and includes eating the anti-inflammatory Mediterranean Diet. Fortunately, Cynthia loves to cook and James loves to eat! They often call themselves The Goddess (Cynthia) and The Greek/Geek® (James) and with her Greek god doing much better now, she is able to once again pursue her creative works.

To purchase your copy go to Amazon ($19.95 for DVD; free streaming for Amazon Prime subscribers, or $1.99+ for non-subscribers]; $3.99+ on Vimeo.com streaming) for yourself or those on your foodie and traveler gift list simply order at www.CelebrateGreece.com, RomancingTheTable.com, Amazon.com, Vimeo.com today! RomancingTheTable.com & ModernDayGoddessWisdom.com offers recipes celebrating life, love, Mediterranean food, wisdom and travel. CelebrateGreece.com offers Video Journeys Exploring Modern and Ancient Greece. OPA! Presently, the streaming of Crete Under the Grecian Sun is available on Amazon Prime in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan and worldwide on Vimeo.com.

10 Reasons to Watch Crete – Under the Grecian Sun, A Romantic Greek Culinary-Travel Journey documentary:

1) It’s free to watch as many times as you want on your TV or online devices with an Amazon Prime Video Subscription. (Free for Amazon Prime subscribers in US, UK, Japan, Germany and Austria. (USD $0.99+ for non-subscribers) $19.95 for DVD and $3.99 worldwide on Vimeo.com.

2) You can enjoy beautiful images of the beauty, culture, people and cuisines of Crete, Greece from wherever you may are located.

3) Feel as if you are on a private tour with the host, Cynthia Daddona, a Greco-Roman beauty, lifestyle journalist and award-winning on-camera personality as she explores Crete, Greece’s Big Island – a Tuscany on the Aegean. On occasion, her Greek-American husband and history buff James also joins her.

4) The documentary Crete: Under the Grecian Sun was the official opening night selection at the London Greek Film Festival, the Los Angeles Taste Award Audience Nominee and is an international hit on Amazon Prime in the USA, UK, Japan and Germany.

5) You can almost taste the wonderful Cretan cuisine.
6) Learn about Cretan cuisine from chefs, taverna cooks, and YiaYias (Greek grandmothers).

7) Discover what is included in the world famous, life prolonging, longevity-inducing Mediterranean Diet, whose research originated in Crete.

8) Be inspired to create your own romantic Greek god and goddess Mediterranean- inspired meals at home. (Recipes available on RomancingTheTable.com – with vegan, vegetarian, omnivore and Paleo options.)

9) Learn some of longevity secrets from living the Cretan-Mediterranean lifestyle.

10) Be entertained! Celebrate your cultural heritage if you are Greek or enjoy the Mediterranean culture, even if you aren’t Greek.


Additional Background:

Cynthia Daddona is an award-winning on-camera personality, author, freelance lifestyle journalist (food, travel, wellbeing), filmmaker, life wisdom advisor, producer and Mediterranean Natural Foods cook. She is the host of ModernDayGoddessWisdom.com® and RomancingTheTable.com® which celebrates life, love, food, films, travel and wisdom – often with a Mediterranean twist. She loves exploring ways to live a happier, healthier, more soulful, greener and delicious life.

She believes sitting at a table eating healthy delicious food, whether alone or with friends and loved ones, is nourishing to the soul and that feeding people is a sacred act. Cynthia gives back in a variety of ways, including cooking monthly for a local shelter, volunteering in a community organic garden and lending her wisdom on healing and affordable housing solutions.

As a lifestyle journalist she has interviewed over 150 celebrities on and off the red carpet and have traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean covering destinations, culture, wellbeing and cooking. She’s also won awards for her lifestyle reporting-interviews, humor, filmmaking, comedy writing, performing talents and healthy Mediterranean recipes. She’s received two Telly Awards as an on-camera interviewer/host and producer. One of her Telly Awards is for her coverage of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, where she asked the stars on the red carpet to talk about film, the culture and their favorite Greek foods. In addition, her book, Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, is a lighthearted wellness guide for nurturing one’s body, mind and soul that the Los Angeles Times called her book “Lighthearted Enlightenment!” and that Cynthia has a “divine sense of humor!”

In addition to her television and movie appearances, Cynthia’s online videos have been viewed over one million times (on ModernDayGoddess.com, CelebrateGreece.com and other outlets) You can watch some of those videos, along with her career highlights reel and bio, on the websites RomancingTheTable.com, ModernDayGoddess.com and CelebrateGreece.com and http://www.moderndaygoddess.com/site/about-cynthia/

Cynthia is grateful to share her life of love, courage, creativity and faith with her her Greek-American husband, James, wherever they may call home together. Her husband, James Stathis is the founder of CelebrateGreece.com, which archives and celebrates video journeys on modern and ancient Greece.


Cynthia Daddona email: Cynthia@ModernDayGoddess.com
James Stathis, email: Press@CelebrateGreece.com 1.802-GREECE3 (1.802.473-3233)

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