“Food shared with love satisfies the palate, brings connection to one another and delivers joy to the heart."

Cynthia Daddona & RomancingTheTable Video Excerpts

Cynthia Daddona

Cynthia Daddona

Award-Winning On-Camera Personality,
Author of “Diary of a Modern Day Goddess,”
Host, RomancingTheTable.com® — Celebrating Life, Love, Wisdom, Food & Travel,
Host, #1 New York Times’ About.com Culinary-Travel DVD,
& Lifestyle Journalist

“A Multi-Faceted, Triple Talent in TV, Radio & the Written Word!” ABC-TV

“Lighthearted Enlightenment!”   Los Angeles Times

“Cynthia is an engaging TV host.”  New York Times’ About.com

“Cynthia Daddona is a very funny lady!”  Jonathan Winters, Comedy Legend

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CYNTHIA DADDONA’s Romancing The Table® Video Excerpts

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Romancing The Table® : Celebrating Life, Love, Wisdom, Food & Travel (TRT: 9:59)- Introduction (0:00)
– Media excerpts and past webisodes (at 0:28)
– TV appearances: ABC-TV, CBS-TV & other TV interviews of Cynthia Daddona and her book Diary of a Modern Day Goddess (at 0:42)
– Love & Humor – Conscious comedy in Date with Yourself. (at 1:02)
– Love & Life: Attracting true love with creative visualization techniques (at 1:45)
– Love & Romance: Tips for sustaining love with weekly date nights (at 2:10)
– RomancingTheTable excerpt with Praise from a Golden Globe Winning Actress (at 2:25)
– Romancing The Table celebrity interview with Rita Wilson (at 2:47)
– Wisdom & Travel: Inspirations from the Mediterranean (at 3:22)
– Food, Wisdom and the Mediterranean Diet (at 4:05)
– Cooking for Longevity in Greece (at 5:08)
– Shopping Organically, Locally, Economically and Sustainably (at 5:35)
– RomancingTheTable in the Field, in the Kitchen and at Home in Santa Barbara, California (at 5:51)
– Food & Travel: Cynthia Daddona hosts the #1 New York Times’ About.com Romantic, Culinary Travelogue, A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (at 7:05)
– Cynthia interviews Celebrities on Food (at 8:00)
– Food & Travel: Cooking with an Italian Mama on the Amalfi Coast in Italy (at 8:21)
– Media and notables’ quotes on Cynthia Daddona (at 8:35)


“Cynthia definitely has the television charisma “X” factor” — Charles Nordlander, Former VP, Programming Development, Food Network

“Cynthia Daddona is a natural, vibrant and engaging presenter. As a guest chef, she excels at educating, entertaining and feeding audiences.” — Marketing & Demos, Whole Foods Market, Inc.

“Cynthia’s engaging and joyful presence comes through on-camera and in her inspiring stories of a woman’s journey of finding self love, true love and the love of human connection discovered through cooking, creativity, and grace at the dining table.”Sidney Clifton; Creator, Exec. Producer of The Celebration Table with Maya Angelou

“Cynthia will nurture your spirit, uplift your soul and tickle your funny bone!”Jack Canfield, Success Coach, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series & Co-Author of The Success Principles

“Cynthia’s humor and energy wake people up with a smile. This goddess has it all.”Jeanne Bergh, CBS-TV

Cynthia Daddona is an innovative, beautiful and romantic young lady. Audiences listening to her wisdom are quite lucky. I loved being interviewed by her!” Karen Sharpe-Kramer, Golden Globe Winning Actress & Wife of the late Stanley Kramer, Director of “Guess Who is Coming To Dinner”

“In our ten years of programming, Cynthia was one of our best guest. She is beautiful, lively, informative and the camera loves her!”Paul Van Name, Director, Wisdom Television

“Cynthia is a breath of fresh air that sparkles like a morning sunrise.”Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series & Co-Author of Enlightened Wealth

Cynthia Daddona
1187 Coast Village Road, #354
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
805.451.2270 (Cell)
Thank you for watching my video reel. Hope to hear from you soon.
– Best Wishes, Cynthia Daddona

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