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Cynthia Daddona: Romantic Mediterranean Culinary Goddess on ABC-TV

It is always a joy for me to give interviews about my work. Here I’m interviewed on ABC-TV about my work as a celebrity interviewer, my book, our #1 NY Times’ About.com culinary travel video – “A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class” and especially RomancingTheTable.com which celebrates life, love, food, travel and romance with a Mediterranean twist. During the interview I served the host my Grecian-Goddess Village Salad and crowned him with my Greco-Roman crowns I designed.

Delicious Grecian Goddess Salad

Here is my Grecian-Goddess Village Salad that my husband and I fell in love over and the host enjoyed during the interview. See the recipe. You can watch the trailer of our #1 New York Times’ About.com culinary-travel DVD, A Greek Islands Destination Cooking class, filmed in romantic Santorini, Greece as well as order a copy which makes a great gift for yourself or loved ones.

Wear these silk ivy leaf crowns to access your highlighted and magnificent self and feel like the modern day Greco-Roman god or goddess you were born to be. Great for romantic, Mediterranean date nights! Click Here to Order

[Pictured above] My husband Jim (of CelebrateGreece.com) and I were in New York as honored guests in the Greek Independence Day parade on Fifth Avenue and I was interviewed live by FOX’s MY9 TV. It was great fun crowning her during the interview with one of my goddess ivy crowns which I designed.

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