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Farewell Jay Leno! You will be greatly missed for your gentle spirit, everyman’s humor and your graciousness to your guests and to the public.

When one meets Jay in person you quickly discover what comes across onscreen, that you are a nice guy with a special talent for putting an audience at ease and making us laugh. After watching Jay’s final show and very touching farewell message, we wanted to share our own Jay Leno moment with this video.

This video tape is from the archives when I was in Greece and decided to put my talents as an Author, comedian & lifestyle journalist of ModernDayGoddess.com & CelebrateGreece.com to create a tape asking Jay if I could be a roving goddess correspondent for his Tonight Show during the Athens 2004 Olympics.
Eventually I met Jay and after having a nice conversation with him at one of his California personal appearances/performance, he asked me what work I did. I happened to be prepared, so I personally handed him this tape (yes, a VHS tape!) and he graciously accepted it. When follow-up was done to see if this American-Italian-Greek Modern Day Goddess could be an Olympic, Tonight Show correspondent in Greece it was discovered that the Tonight Show does not air during the Olympics — and I should have called the Today Show to be a correspondent! Oh, well. It was fun making this video in Santorini and at the Acropolis. On this tape, you can enjoy some humor and fun while I am interviewing tourists and even a horse in Greece. FYI, I was also a page at NBC for the Tonight Shows starring Johnny Carson in the 1980’s. What a wonderful era of comedy with the likes of Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, and Jay Leno!

Finally, my husband Dr. James Stathis (Founder of CelebrateGreece.com) was also with me when we met Jay. When Jay asked him “What do you do for work?” he told Jay that he was a dentist who also enjoyed documentary filmmaking. To which Jay, without hesitation, quipped back “Ask your mother…you are a dentist with a little camera!”

Jay, thanks for the laughs and inspirations. We are both so glad to see you are continuing with your stand-up comedy performances. This video is for you! With Love, Cynthia Daddona cynthia@moderndaygoddess.com

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