“Food shared with love satisfies the palate, brings connection to one another and delivers joy to the heart."

Enjoy some Love, Laughter and Inspiration with my Date With Myself Video and How to Use Vision Boards To Make Your Dreams Come True

Loving Yourself & Using Vision Boards To Make Your Dreams Come True Video

The basis for having the life we desire begins with appreciating and loving oneself. This creates the good vibrations and healing that will help us manifest our dreams that can include inner joy, happy relationships, abundance, attracting one’s soulmate, creativity and much more. Above is an inspiring & fun video on how I put to use some of the techniques discussed in my book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess to learn how to love myself more and manifest dreams. After I created my vision board – I soon met my husband and manifested other wishes from my soul. The idea of having a date with oneself has definitely contributed to my well-being. I wrote about this in my book and also for the LA Times. I love receiving the many comments about how great people feel afterward. One woman said she bought herself orchids as part of her date and one guy said he took himself out to his favorite restaurant. I sent myself flowers and acted surprised when they arrived! And my date was perfect because I had felt like I had known myself my whole life! 🙂

Date nights have become a big part of my life and feeling good about oneself. I’ve combined this along with using vision boards to manifest many of my dreams including finding true love. Because of this, I married for the first time at age 44 in a beautiful Greek island wedding – in the same exact church that was on our couple’s vision board. Since then my husband Jim and I have enjoyed a soul mate relationship with weekly date nights even through life challenges. We take turns planning what to do – it includes what to eat and and an activity.  It can be as simple as a walk in nature, a home cooked meal and an online movie or one from the library.  Its the quality time that matters And while my husband and I have had  weekly date nights since we were engaged and continued throughout married, I still practice the act of self-nurturing by having a date or some time with myself – such a reading at night or taking a bath or browsing in a bookstore. When I was single I had a consistent date night with myself that included a delicious home made meal or meal out.

While there can sometime be resistance to taking the time for myself with a busy  schedule that is exactly when it is needed that most – when my inner goddess is stressed and wants to rest or play. I do this because it makes me feel more joyful, which translates into a bonus for my husband who gets a happier wife!

Remember, my dear goddesses, self-love is the basis for having a good relationship with yourself and others. So take yourself out on a date and/or make yourself a vision board and let me know what happens! (Send pictures!)  Or check out my next Vision Board Workshop in your area. You can also contact me directly about having a vision board and soul coaching oracle card gathering where you live.  With love, cynthia@moderndaygoddess.com

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