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ModernDayGoddess Cynthia Daddona reflects on “I AM” statements seen on Oprah’s Lifeclass (OWN TV)

As always I am inspired by Oprah’s Lifeclass and her Super Soul Sunday programming on OWN TV and also on Oprah.com.

On her talk with Pastor Joel Osteen they discussed I AM statements – what we say about ourselves.

This also reflects what I wrote about in my book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess about Positive Self-Talk.

What we say about ourselves in our mind and also out loud truly can create your life.

So Let’s all say better I AM statements such as I am great! I AM good enough! I am a goddess! I am loving, I am loved! I am worthy of living the life of my dreams. Because you are! So start affirming today what’s good about you… one I AM I like to say is I AM a blessed and beautiful Modern Day Goddess!

So here is my Modern Day Goddess inspirations video I made in response to Oprah’s Lifeclass with Joel Osteen on I AM statements!

Let me know what your new I AM statements are! And please subscribe to my youtube channel CynthiaDaddona and my newsletter at romancingthetable.com.

Blessings from one goddess to another, Cynthia

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