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Diary of a Modern Day Goddess

Diary of a Modern Day Goddess

“Lighthearted Enlightenment!” — Ann Shields, Los
Angeles Times

From Publisher’s Weekly

"Cynthia Daddona shows readers that is a beautiful tool
in the continuing quest for inner wisdom in her Diary of A Modern-Day
Goddess. In the word of HCI communications director Kim Weiss, "As
much as we’re enamored of this category, we’re also happy
to find a book there an author can make fun of it and herself
in a tasteful way and enlighten us at the same time." Indeed,
the author muses on affirmations, yoga, yogurt, finding Nirvana
and even finding the perfect pump at Nordstrom’s. You go, goddess."

From NAPRA ReView

is fast, funny, and fervent to a tee about her prescription for
modern-day Goddess remedial work. With this tongue-in-check diary,
she brings the term — and the being — back into the
mainstream. Nothing witchy about, no ancient Sumerian descent
or woman exiled from Olympus: Daddona’s approach to Goddesshood
is a straightforward combination of good self-care, honoring
intuition and guidance, repeating positive affirmations, and
believing them. Add a little bit of hard work, plenty of rest,
good girlfriends, and a few fun practices like feng shui, yoga,
and massage, and you’re on your way to becoming a full-fledged,
100 percent Goddess.

(For men, read up on how to support your gal in her goal of
heaven on earth.) Of course, it wouldn’t be a respectable modern-day
Goddess guide without a brief glossary of "Inspiring Ancient
Goddesses" — reacquaint yourself with favorites, or
discover a new friend for today’s journey. Keep a diary

Praise and Testimonials

“Lighthearted Enlightenment!” — Ann Shields, Los
Angeles Times

“In our ten years of producing programming. Cynthia Daddona
was one of our best guests. She is funny, informative and the
camera loves her! — Paul Van Name, Director – Wisdom Television

“Cynthia Daddona is a great morning show guest. Her humor
and energy wake people up with a smile. This goddess has it all.”
— Jeanne Bergh, CBS – News 12, Sunrise

“Cynthia has a truly divine sense of humor– but what
else would you expect from a Modern Day Goddess.”– Doug
Adrianson, LA Times

“Cynthia Daddona is an inspirational example of someone
who believes in herself, her work, stays focused and affirms
her success to manifest her dreams. As an inspirational speaker
and author of Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, she will nurture
your spirit, uplift your soul and tickle your funny bone.”-
Jack Canfield, Co-creator of #1 New York Times best-selling series
Chicken Soup for the Soulâ, Co-Author of The Power of Focus
and peak performance coach

Cynthia is a breath of fresh air and sparkles like a morning
– – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of #1 New York Times best-
selling series Chicken Soup for the Soulâ

“Cynthia is a very funny lady. She got me in touch with
my inner goddess, who turned out to be an old woman named Maude
Frickert. I was so taken by her book on enlightenment, I leave
the lights on 24 hours a day.” – Jonathan Winters, Comedian

Humor and enlightenment should always go together. And they do-delightfully,
with angels chorusing and charkas aligning – in Cynthia’s
new book. – Jennifer Louden, Author of The Woman’s Comfort
Book and The Comfort Queen’s Guide to Life.

Cynthia Daddona helps us lighten up about everyday life with
laughter and wisdom that is healing to the soul.”
— Beverly Katherine Kirkhart, Inspirational Speaker
and Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul, Publicist

“This book is best-seller material! I howled with laughter
while reading Diary of A Modern-Day Goddess. Cynthia Daddona
is a gifted writer and talented woman who knows how to share
loveable truths and good common sense about a woman’s true
spiritual journey.”

Maria Del Rey, Grammy-nominated Music Producer

“This Goddess is a gift to any interviewer. She is beautiful,
lively and a generous participant in conversation!” —
Corinne Edwards, Host and Producer of Book Tours on Wisdom Television
and author of Reflections from a Woman Alone.”

“It felt like a spiritual experience hearing Cynthia speak
because of her honesty, integrity, humor and the way she really
cares about her audience. It’s an amazing experience to see and
feel a speaker with true sincerity. I was having a challenging
day before I heard her speak and felt refreshed afterwards. Wow!”
— Rick Goodfriend, Web Developer

Cynthia Daddona’s funny, enlightening and charming look at the world let’s
us in on a side of life that is both educational and uplifting. She is the
kind of person who takes life’s lemons and turns them into face masks and chiffon
pies! This book makes you smile and feel a whole lot less intimidated about
personal growth, aromatherapy, feng-shui and scented candles. Read it before
you go to sleep at night – you’ll wake up happier.”
— Ruscha Robbins, Novelist and Santa Barbara Humor Society member

“This book at first glance it may appear to be "for
women only" but it can also be of great benefit to men.
Not only will they get a glimpse into the "inner soul" of
a modern-day goddess but if they’re brave, they will also get
a look at their own "inner female." I finished this
book feeling like I’d made a friend… Written with a humorous
touch, this book entertains and enlightens. Great relaxing and
uplifting reading!” — Marie T. Russell, Innerself Magazine

“Her humor mixed with very deep understandings is a metaphor
of how to live. I bought a copy for myself, my daughter, my stepdaughter
and granddaughter.” — Liz Ray, Age 70

“I loved this book. When I read Diary of A Modern Day
Goddess I laughed, I cried and sometimes both at the same time.
Cynthia has hit the nail on the head with the realization that
to have a better life you must first become a better person.”
– Jillian Moon, Physical Therapist

“Cynthia Daddona is a real life modern-day goddess. She
has learned how to balance the stress of an active life with
the need for inner peace. Luckily for us, she’s written
down the key to her success in this delightful, lighthearted
book.” — Sally Franz, Author of the Baby Boomer’s
Guide to Menopause and Monster Lies

“What an enlightening book. Every woman needs to find
the goddess within, and Cynthia delivers the goddess goods with
charm and humor. Buy one for every goddess friend on your list – I
— Brenda Christensen, Owner, Vintage Diva Boutique

“With her incomparable wit and wisdom, Cynthia demystifies
and de-lightens the emerging new paradigm of woman today and
brings honor to the intuitive spirit in every woman.”
— Magi Myggen, Feng Shui Consultant
and Owner, Intuit-Design

“Cynthia Daddona is the funniest goddess I know — living
or dead.”
— Ian Bernard, Producer, Writer, Composer – Laugh In

“I loved this book so much I couldn’t put it down.
Cynthia is inspiring and uplifting while giving you applications
on how to be a modern day goddess who handles life with grace
and humor. I can’t wait for her next project! — Jennifer
Robertson, hairstylist and the queen of color

“I felt inspired, encouraged, informed, entertained and
uplifted reading Diary of A Modern Day Goddess. Cynthia delightfully
teaches us that spirituality can be lived with laughter, intelligence,
elegance and style. I loved this book so much I jumped into bed
and read it all once.” — Annette Guionnet, Creative Expression

“Cynthia’s humor is a beautiful tool in the never
ending quest for inner wisdom. It is also a reminder that laughter
is vital to every goddess.” — Maria Haramis, Owner, Sunflower

“I like the lighthearted enthusiasm that Cynthia shows
us as a positive way to live.”
— Barbara “Rama” Seltzer, Reiki Master, Age 72

“As a male struggling toward consciousness himself, I
can only hope there will be more goddesses like Cynthia to greet
me when I get there.” – Dean Opperman, award-winning
comedy writer.

“Buy this book for the woman in your life so she will
feel like a goddess and you can get the TV remote back!”
–Kabir, a goddess appreciator

“As an every day kind of guy, I don’t get to meet a lot
of Goddesses, and the only other time I’ve been ‘en-lightened’
was when I accidently shocked myself with a screwdriver and live
socket during one of those pesky home repair projects. Now my
favorite Goddess, Cynthia Daddona, has shown me how to become
enlightened without smoke coming out of my ears. She is a funny,
talented writer, and she has made a believer out of me.”
– Ernie Witham, Humor Columnist – Montecito Journal and Author
of Ernie’s World

“Buy this book so Cynthia will be happy. And if you’re
a nice, single man and she’s not married yet — call her.”

— Cynthia’s Italian mother

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Press Release

Diary of a Modern Day Goddess
by Cynthia Daddona

Category: Spirituality/Women’s Issues
Imprint: HCI
Binding: Trade Paper Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 1558748253 Page: 150pp
Price: $10.95 Case Qty.: 0

When most people hear the word "goddess," it conjures
up an image of Greek mythology. Names like Venus, Aphrodite and
Athena pop into your head. But award-winning writer Cynthia Daddona,
author of Diary of a Modern-Day Goddess (Health Communications,
Inc., $10.95) gives us a much simpler definition of a "goddess" —
a woman in touch with her joyful, feminine and spiritual self.
But she doesn’t stop there. With a fresh, humorous twist on the
topic of spirituality in a modern-day world, Cynthia muses: "A
modern-day goddess is a woman who focuses more on her inner spirit
and inner soul than her inner thighs!"

So how does one accomplish this if they don’t even know they
are out of touch in the first place? Cynthia encourages readers
to take an "en-LightenUp-ment" (TM) journey, meant
to inspire and entertain you as you explore your own divine
inner self:

  • Dial your angels direct
  • Be kind to your mind and love your body
  • Nurture a cranky inner child
  • Send yourself flowers, act surprised when they arrive
  • Make peace, make a difference, make love
  • Take the road less traveled, but not when it’s grid-locked
  • Readers join Cynthia in her "goddess" journey as she
    shares what she’s learned along the way: lightheartedness, joy,
    laughter, a protection of grace, love, courage, self-nurturing,
    self-talk, meditation, yoga, feng shui, chakra balancing, inspiration
    from other goddesses, and a never-ending curiosity of life.

    From inhaling an infusion of orange blossom scents to triumphing
    over adversity to writing love letters to oneself, Cynthia Daddona
    makes us laugh with her insightfulness on finding Nirvana at
    Nordstrom to balancing her chakras, tires and checkbook for under
    $100! Complete with inner wisdom realizations, humorous essays,
    quizzes and contemplative questions, Diary of a Modern-Day Goddess
    offers inspiration, spiritual truths and life lessons with laughter
    and chuckles that will soothe your soul.

    Reviews for the DVD –
    A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class

    A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class DVD

    “My #1 choice for a fabulous gift is A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (DVD). It is one of the most beautiful (and educational) productions I’ve seen. Cynthia Daddona hosts this cooking-lesson-tour-romantic-interlude from the Greek island of Santorini. This 71-minute DVD is as much a travelogue as it is a cooking video. The videography is beautiful, Cynthia is an engaging host, and the recipes are oh-so tempting. A section of the production is devoted to exploring ingredients, and it’s fascinating! If you can’t take a trip to the Greek islands this year, this is the next best thing!”
    Nancy Gaifyllia, New York Times’ About.Com:Greek Food

    “I liked this DVD because I got an overall picture in my mind of Santorini, which I would hope to visit someday soon. I liked the menu and the cooking demonstration from the restaurant. I found it easy and informative. I liked hearing about the native plants that were used for the recipes. To me, interspersing the photos of the wedding and of this incredibly beautiful island only enhanced the DVD for me. I liked the travelogue that went along with the cooking demo. All in all it was fun and informative to watch.”
    — K. Carralejo

    “What a little treasure this DVD is! I was looking forward to viewing this DVD, as I am of Greek descent and have visited the beautiful island of Santorini many times. I also enjoy regional Greek Cuisine and found the recipes and techniques in this DVD very intriguing and I think easily adaptable for the home chef. The bonus section at the end showcases various cheeses and herbs of Santorini, and is definitely a visual treat for the most die-hard foodie!

    Interspersed among the cookery class and food tips are scenes of the natural beauty of the island, and glimpses of a tradional Greek Island wedding. I really liked the personal story and felt like I was experiencing the culture of Santorini. Additionally, the scenery is so gorgeous!!!”
    — Terry Chlentzos, Calif.

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