“Food shared with love satisfies the palate, brings connection to one another and delivers joy to the heart."


Here is some of my recommended soul-nourishing wisdom that I have found for celebrating life, love, food and travel.

As a life, love and soul wisdom advisor (learn more…) Cynthia sees herself as an “archaeological goddess of the soul” who enjoys helping others unearth their buried “inner treasures” while also helping to lighten up their life journey.

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Cynthia’s Recommended Life-Enhancing Workshops

Here are some of the life-enhancing workshops I have participated in and recommend:


Their home study course and workshop provide practical and effective tools for building and maintaining a happy marriage.

Jack Canfield’s Success Principles (JackCanfield.com)

Jack’s Success Principles workshop based on his New York Times’ bestselling book and audio series provide proven methods to achieve the success of your dreams.


A marriage counselor for over 30 years, Dr. Gary Chapman provides the five key love languages that make couples’ hearts and spirits soar.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

– Below is some information on the brand new version of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid.

(Cynthia is a Culinary Advisory Board Member of the Mediterranean Foods Alliance – a group whose efforts help educate the public about the benefits and pleasures of eating Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest in the world.)

Scientists Update Healthful Mediterranean Diet

Oldways Releases Revised Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

“Last November, Oldways convened a high-level international meeting of leading nutrition scientists to review the very large number of recent studies expanding support for the healthful Mediterranean Diet.

Based on this new scientific evidence, Oldways revised the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, the colorful graphic that displays the high-level science underlying importance to good health.

The new Mediterranean Diet PyramidWhat’s New in the Updated Healthful Mediterranean Diet and Mediterranean Diet Pyramid:

(1) Because foods from the plant kingdom are at the core of the Mediterranean Diet, the scientists decided to combine all plant foods into a single group. This change conveys the importance of eating a food or foods from this plant-based group – fruits, vegetables, grains (mostly whole), beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil, herbs and spices (a new addition to this Pyramid too) – at every meal to achieve maximum health benefits.

(2) Another key change is the recommendation to eat fish at least twice a week.

(3) The illustration itself is a change. It celebrates the delicious, varied foods of the Mediterranean region, and is designed to get consumers interested and excited about the delicious and healthy foods of the Mediterranean Diet.

These are just a few of the changes and we invite you to visit the Oldways website for more details. We also welcome you to visit the Mediterranean Foods Alliance for Mediterranean recipes, cooking tips, the latest health information and more.”