“Food shared with love satisfies the palate, brings connection to one another and delivers joy to the heart."

Romance, Date Nights and You!

In the movie Date Night actors Tina Fey and Steve Carrell are a married couple stuck in a rut with their date nights because they go to the same restaurant and eat the same meal. If I could offer them advice on how to prevent this it would be to keep the romance fresh by using your imagination to add some variety to the menu and location of a date nights. When the weather turns warm take use nature as a backdrop to create a seasonal date night dinner outside. Below is a Greek god and goddess date night I created with a Mediterranean menu on the beach where we live in Santa Barbara. Hope this inspires you to have fun with your date nights as well.

Enjoying a wonderful Mediterranean god and goddess date night with my husband in Santa Barbara

The menu is lemon chicken, rice with spinach, Grecian goddess salad and Greek yogurt with berries and mint.

One of the definitions of romantic is “imaginative.” So use your imagination to create wonderful times at the table, whether you’re eating solo or with a loved one for date night. You can tap into a romantic state of mind at the table and in your life by appealing to the senses. Use colors that appeal to you in your clothes, table décor, food and home. Be inspired by what you read, watch and listen to. Attend a great movie, restaurant and cultural events – many which are reasonably priced. Take turns creating romantic meals for each other at home. Eating together can be an intimate act that opens the heart. And a very loving way to a woman and man’s heart is through the stomach – via food. Celebrate the joy of life! Play soothing music while you eat and, most of all, consciously use positive words at the table when thinking to yourself or speaking to those you love – an important factor for romance and good digestion!

Single people often ask me how to attract romance and true love into their life. I remind them that romance and love begin with you! The way you treat yourself and kindly love yourself determines the quality of your life, your health and the people, experiences and mate you will draw to yourself. My book, Diary of A Modern-Day Goddess, asks, “Why not have a love affair with yourself?” Say nice things to yourself, make yourself a nice meal and, yes, you can even take yourself out on a date! Go somewhere special or create a special date for yourself at home. Send yourself flowers and act surprised when they arrive! Enjoy a delicious meal at home eaten on your good dishes!

I used to have regular date nights with myself even when I was single and lit candles in special candlesticks I bought for the occasion. I used my date nights as a time to appreciate and accept myself and to think about the qualities I wanted in my future mate. I would also visualize our dinner date nights using the same candlesticks. It worked, because I eventually found true love and married my husband Jim who has the qualities I wanted. Today, we light the candles in the candlesticks on our table as part of our date nights at home.

To me, a romantic table includes loving words, a sensual atmosphere and a meal fit for gods and goddesses. Check out my Goddess and Date night kits that include 2 ivy crown(s), a date night scheduler, a recipe and What I Love About You” Appreciation Cards to enhance your date nights. For singles and couples, there is my Modern Day Goddess kit that includes a crown, my book, goddess certificate and my Mediterranean Culinary Goddess kit that includes my Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class DVD, a recipe and certificate.

When I did research as to what creates a happy marriage, one of the main things was spending consistent quality time together. My husband Jim and I make sure to have quality table time together by sharing meals. With two home-based businesses, life can be very busy. So I created a date night scheduler we use and you can too. On Sundays, Jim and we look at our schedule to plan a romantic date night meal for Saturday evening and also one night during the week to watch our favorite TV show. You can choose another night if Saturday isn’t available. For couples with families have a romantic home date night after the kids go to sleep. We each take turns creating affordable romantic dates, which means home-cooked meals, made with love, are on the top of our list. This allows us to save up for special events and occasions when we want to go out to a nice restaurant or buy tickets to an event. Good health is important to us, so we also eat organic whenever possible and from our favorite California & Mediterranean cuisines. I’ve created some recipes on my site you can use for your date night meals that are healthy and delicious.

I’ve also created an acronym to help you with your date nights – using the word DATE:
D – Dinner: Make it or make a reservation.
A – Atmosphere: Create it with home candles, soothing music, a flower, some color on the table.
T – Take turns to create romantic date nights and meals. Discuss the choices.
E – Enthusiasm: Show it at the table with your efforts and words of appreciation.

Remember, food and quality spent around the table creates a sacred connection to those you love! So live joyfully, love deeply and eat healthy – to assure many more happy & loving times! If this has helped you, I’d love to hear about your happy and romantic times at the table. Feel free to write to me at Cynthia@moderndaygoddess.com.

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