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Cynthia Daddona

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Cynthia is an award-winning on-camera personality, author, freelance lifestyle journalist (food, travel, wellbeing), life wisdom advisor, producer and Mediterranean Natural Foods cook. She is the host of ModernDayGoddess.com® and RomancingTheTable.com® which celebrates life, love, food, films, travel and wisdom – often with a Mediterranean twist. Cynthia is also the host-producer-director of the #1 New York Times’ About.com Culinary-Travel DVD – A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class,, filmed on the beautiful island of Santorini and Under the Grecian Sun with the Goddess and the G(r)eek® filmed on the Greek Island of Crete and an official film festival selection. She is also the host of a monthly TV segment called “Well Being for the Body and Soul” on AZTV which broadcasts to over two million viewers.

Cynthia’s recipes for positive living, well-being, laughter, spirituality, happy relationships, holistic living, delicious dining, inviting tables and delicious, healthy Mediterranean-inspired cuisine help audiences create and savor times together around the table. She believes sitting at a table eating healthy delicious food, whether alone or with friends and loved ones, is nourishing to the soul and that feeding people is a sacred act. Cynthia gives back in a variety of ways, including cooking monthly for a local shelter and volunteering in a community organic garden.

Cynthia’s American-Greco-Roman heritage, culinary journeys, home cooking experience, wit, life wisdom, humor and stories entertain and inspire by offering her audiences insights on how to create a more delicious, soulful and happy life. In addition, she won 1st place for one of her Mediterranean recipes in the International Mediterranean Diet Competition.

She is also the author of the top-selling book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess® a lighthearted wellness-guide for nurturing the body, mind and soul (Published by HCI who is also the publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul ® series). The Los Angeles Times called her book “Lighthearted Enlightenment!” and Comedy Legend Jonathan Winters said “Cynthia Daddona is a very funny lady who helped me get in touch with my inner goddess!

As a life, love and soul wisdom advisor Cynthia sees herself as an “archaeologist goddess of the soul” who enjoys helping others unearth their buried “inner treasures” while also helping to lighten up their life journey. Click here to learn more about Cynthia’s life wisdom advising sessions. She is also a Success & Life Wisdom Advisor for Writers-Speakers-Entrepreneurs-Performers-Authors and Creative Souls! Click here for more information.

At age ten, Cynthia’s father gave her an innovative book of its time called “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale which launched her lifelong quest of personal growth knowledge.

At age 25, she attended several Tony Robbins seminars that gave her the courage and belief needed to achieve many of her life goals! In her thirties, she began exploring meditation. Over the years she has studied Siddha Yoga Meditation, Vipassana, Oneness and TM-Transcendtal Meditation. Cynthia has a regular meditation practice which has provided not only health benefits but also stronger connection with her inner wisdom, spirituality and creativity.

Today, Cynthia enjoys reading uplifting books and talking with others about their wisdom. She is passionate about combining her humor, soulful wisdom, positive energy, spirituality and principles from her popular book and experiences from her own life, love and spiritual laboratory to inspire and guide others toward living a more healthier, soulful, joyful, greener and delicious life. Read her inspiring story “Life Lessons…” in which she overcame adversity by using the principles in her book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess and personal growth knowledge to increase her faith, love, courage and connection to humanity. Her article was featured in Spirituality and Health magazine and was honored with a Writers Digest International Writing Competition award.


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Award-Winning On-Camera Personality, Actress, Comedienne, Author, Speaker and Lifestyle Journalist. Includes clips from Television & Films, Life Wisdom, Travel, Comedy, Cooking, Celebrity Interviews, Public Appearances and Speaking.
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Cynthia’s on-camera talent lies in her lighthearted, insightful commentary and interviewing style developed from her varied backgrounds in TV, radio, print journalism, comedy and acting. Her work has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, E!, NPR radio, USA Network and Martha Stewart Living Radio, as well as the LA Times, Travel World News, First for Women, USA Today, Body, Mind & Spirit, Whole Living, Spirituality and Health magazine and many others.

As a lifestyle journalist Cynthia has interviewed over 100 celebrities on and off the red carpet and has traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean covering destinations, culture and cooking programs. She has also won awards for her lifestyle reporting-interviews, humor, comedy writing, performing talents and healthy Mediterranean recipes. Cynthia has received two Telly Awards as an on-camera interviewer/host and producer. One of her Telly Awards are for her coverage of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, where she asked the stars on the red carpet to talk about film, the culture and their favorite Greek foods.

She also appeared in the popular romantic comedy film It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep and as a classical Mediterranean beauty in NBC’s Undercovers –Tuscany Episode.

As part of her efforts to promote a delicious and healthy lifestyle, Cynthia is also a culinary advisory board member for the Mediterranean Foods Alliance – a group whose efforts help educate the public about the benefits and pleasures of eating Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest in the world. She is also a member of the Slow Food Association, an international grass-roots movement that emphasizes the enjoyment of food with a commitment to community, sustainable farming and the environment.

Over the years, Cynthia has become a dynamic presenter at special events, conferences and culinary programs. As a keynote speaker at SPA Magazine’s national conference, “Living Life in Balance” Cynthia provided life wisdom tips. She has also spoken to travelers about regional dishes and the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine and has made presentations on wellness, Mediterranean cooking and lifestyle at top spas, cruises, churches and at Whole Foods, Inc. who described Cynthia as “a natural, vibrant and engaging guest-chef/presenter who excels at educating, entertaining and feeding audiences.”


Enjoy media clips on Love & Romance, Food & Travel, Life Wisdom, Conscious Comedy, Celebrity Interviews and more
with Cynthia Daddona
Award-Winning On-Camera Personality,
author of Diary of a Modern Day Goddess,
Lifestyle Journalist,
Host of RomancingTheTable.com®
& the Host of the #1 New York Times’ About.com Culinary-Travel DVD

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She is also working on an inspirational documentary love story about finding true love later in life and sustaining it.

Cynthia is grateful to share her life of love, courage, creativity and faith with her Greek-American husband, James, wherever they may call home together.

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“Cynthia is a great morning show guest. Her humor & energy wake people up with a smile. This goddess has it all.” – Jeanne Bergh, CBS News

“Lighthearted Enlightenment!” — Ann Shields, Los Angeles Times

“Cynthia Daddona is a natural, vibrant and engaging presenter. As a guest chef, she excels at educating, entertaining and feeding audiences with he ‘Healthy Mediterranean Food & Lifestyle Tips.’ She is charismatic and a delight to work with.” – – Ryan Wooden, Marketing and Demonstrations Whole Foods Market, Inc.

“Cynthia definitely has the television charisma X factor.” — Charles Nordlander, Former VP, Programming Development, Food Network

“Cynthia’s engaging and joyful presence comes through on-camera and in her inspiring stories of a woman’s journey of finding self love, true love and the love of human connection discovered through cooking, creativity, and grace at the dining table.” — Sidney Clifton; Creator, Exec. Producer of The Celebration Table with Maya Angelou

“In our ten years of programming. Cynthia Daddona was one of our best guests. She is beautiful, lively, informative and the camera loves her!” — Paul Van Name, Director – Wisdom Television®

“Cynthia Daddona will nurture your spirit, uplift your soul and tickle your funny bone. She is an inspirational example of someone who believes in herself, her work, stays focused and affirms her success to manifest her dreams.” — Jack Canfield, Co-creator of #1 NY best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®, The Secret® Teacher and Co-Author of The Success Principles®

“Cynthia Daddona is a breath of fresh air that sparkles like a morning sunrise.” — Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® and Co-Author of Cracking The Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth

“My #1 choice for a fabulous gift is A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class video. It is one of the most beautiful and educational productions I’ve seen. Cynthia Daddona hosts this cooking-lesson-tour-romantic-interlude from the Greek island of Santorini. This program is as much a travelogue as it is a cooking video. The videography is beautiful, Cynthia is an engaging TV host, and the recipes are oh-so tempting. A section of the production is devoted to exploring ingredients, and it’s fascinating! If you can’t take a trip to the Greek islands this year, this is the next best thing!” — Nancy Gaifyllia, New York Times’ About.com

“Greece is the Culinary Word! If you ache for the Aegean yet your bank account hurts even more, let Cynthia Daddona and her latest DVD release, A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class take you to the spectacular archipelago of Santorini. Daddona, know for her best-selling book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, was married on this enchanted isle, so she’s a perfect guide to its beauty and culinary bounty…” — George Yatchisin, Food Editor – The Santa Barbara Independent

“I highly recommend A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (video program) hosted by Cynthia Daddona. It is an incredible and uplifting video that made me feel like I traveled on a private journey without leaving my home. I felt like I was right there in Greece with Cynthia. As a host, Cynthia is authentic and brilliant on-camera. Her videos, book and work over the years, have inspired me to want to cook and travel, but most of all Cynthia has awakened me to want to experience more of my inner joy and to live a life with more appreciation and celebration. There is magic in experiencing Cynthia’s energy, expressions, ability to connect with others and a refreshing inner spirit that sparkles on-camera and in-person. It is the spirit of who Cynthia is and the way she lives her life as a celebration. After viewing the DVD, I couldn’t wait to eat Greek food. On Cynthia’s website, RomancingTheTable.com, I learned the important elements of the Mediterranean Diet and how to make a traditional Greek salad that I love eating several times a week. I think A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class DVD, Cynthia and her online recipes & lifestyle tips are refreshing and delicious!” — Teresa Rodgers, Organizational Consultant, DivineOrder1.com


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