Access your inner-wisdom, self-love and connection with your feminine essence while lightening up along the way.

Experience inspiring Life Wisdom Sessions with Cynthia Daddona, Master Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner, Life & Love Wisdom Advisor, Lifestyle Journalist and National Wellness Author of Diary Of A Modern-Day Goddess. For info on events and appearances click here.

In addition Cynthia also offers life wisdom advising and marketing coaching for writers, speakers, performers, authors, entrepreneurs and creative souls! Click for information.

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Want to feel Like A Modern Day Goddess®?

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”Cynthia, you can’t begin to imagine just how insightful your reading was. I got my soul’s message. Now I need to take it in and live it. Thank you for such a spot-on session of wisdom.” — B. Flaherty, Orange County, California

“It just makes me so grateful to have had a reading with you — I felt energetic and completely content, but with an inner happiness that just filled my soul. You have an extra dimension that is special. Thank you!” –Mary McHugh – Former Women’s magazine editor and author of 20 books including Go for It!, 100 Ways to Feel Young, Vibrant, Interested and Interesting After Fifty

“I just wanted to write you, to tell you THANK YOU! Our reading meant so much to me, Ever since our talk, I felt like the next few days breezed by in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. It feels like I am in *pure* harmony with the universe, and I am aware that I can just SIMPLY be. It is such a refreshing feeling, and I feel it was from opening up from our reading! Thank you for such an enlightened and beautiful reading, your so kind and full of love, and you truly transmit the vibration of love through your words. Thank you so much again! Hope to work with you again in the future. Have a wonderful day!” xoxo Blessings, Ali Rybczyk – Artist & Illustrator of Greeting Cards & Children’s Book Author of
“A Day of Yay”

“Thank you so much for your inspiring support and coaching. I am very grateful and appreciative! What a great way to start off the month. You are a gift. Many thanks!” – D.H., Santa Barbara, CA

“As I reflect on my session with you, I am filled with sweet delight and heart-filled gratitude. I am happy to know you and hope that our paths continue to cross and intersect. Thank you so very, very much for your generous, open and lovely presence!!!. I look forward to seeing what may emerge.” With love, laughter and light, Miche, Santa Barbara, California

You’ve come to the right place. I like to think of myself as a modern day goddess & archaeologist of the soul who can assist you in unearthing your soul’s essence and wisdom to co-create the life you desire so you too can feel like a modern day goddess.

I offer uplifting life wisdom sessions that inspire others to live their soul’s highest expression. Whether it is matters of the heart, marketing of one’s work or what’s next, I have been advising others for the past 12 years on how they can joyfully achieve their heart’s desires through what your soul wants you to know. I do this by blending my extensive personal and professional growth knowledge, techniques from my national wellness book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess and the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards created by Hay House Author Denise Linn, whom I studied with and received my certification from to be a Master Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Practitioner.

To me a modern day goddess is a woman in touch with her inner light and wisdom. I believe we are all born modern day gods and goddesses but sometimes we forget our divine essence when the stresses of life happen. And then we might not feel so loving toward ourselves or remembering we have the power to create a life where we feel that life loves us. By increasing my own self-love, inner connection and by stepping into my own feminine essence, I’ve triumphed over many of my own life challenges as a modern day woman. As a result I was able to:

-Develop a strong feminine essence and intuitive inner-self
-Survive my parents’ divorce
-Manifest true love later in life to enjoy and sustain a happy marriage
-Become a journalist & author despite having my poor grammar skills pointed out to me in the 10th grade, which stemmed from my parents’ immigrant upbringing
-Be the first one in my family to go to college
-Move from Connecticut to California on an intuitive hunch
-Obtain a national publishing contract without an agent
-Perform successfully on-camera, on stage and in front of large audiences
-Overcome health challenges which resulted in unearthing talents for natural foods cooking/living and life wisdom advising.

Using the soul coaching oracle cards combined with life wisdom I’ve acquired through my own personal and professional growth, I can guide you towards what your soul wants you to know.
If you feel you would like to experience a life wisdom session to reveal what your soul wants you to know please contact me. I have over 20 years experience in marketing, media, journalism and writing and I am also available for marketing consulting for your book, organization, product or business. I can be reached at Phone: 805.451.2270 or

Cynthia Daddona has a passion for the inner workings of the soul and the Ancient Greco-Roman times of her heritage. Her name Cynthia means Greek goddess of the moon (Artemis) and Daddona is derived from Dodona, the site of an ancient oracle in Northern Greece.

Cynthia is a Master Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Practitioner, Life and Love Wisdom Advisor, Lifestyle Journalist and National Wellness Author of Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, which is a lighthearted guide to nurturing your body, mind and soul (Published by HCI who also publish Chicken Soup for the Soul series).

In addition, she is an award-winning on-camera host-producer, Mediterranean natural foods cook and creator of the video websites® &® which offers recipes for celebrating life, love, food, travel and wisdom. She read her first personal growth book at age 10 and since then has continued researching how to have a happier, healthier and soulful life. Cynthia has over 12 years of life wisdom advising experience. In addition she has over 20 years of marketing/media/publishing experience and has coached entrepreneurs, aspiring and published writers, authors, speakers, artists as well as those in the healing and culinary arts. Cynthia manifested self-love, true love and a happy marriage by utilizing many of the tips she writes about in her book and on her websites. Cynthia lives in Santa Barbara, which she enjoys because of its emphasis on personal growth, healthy living, the arts and its Mediterranean-like atmosphere.

She is available for sessions by phone, Skype, in person, by email and for special events, speaking engagements and parties: (prices are in USA Dollars)
Private Sessions by phone/skype:
$25 for 15 minutes
$45 for 30 minutes;
$90 for 1 hour.

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Having a Special Event for the Holidays, Anniversary, Business, Birthday Party, Bride-to-Be/Wedding Celebration call for pricing. 805.451.2270

Please note: A $50 cancellation fee will be applied to appointments cancelled or rescheduled without 24 hours notice.

By having a session with Cynthia you will be agreeing to the waiver. Please click on the link below and read, sign and return the waiver before our first session.

Life Wisdom Session Waiver

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