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“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Work with a national author-speaker-performer, life wisdom advisor, marketing consultant and entrepreneur to make your writing, entrepreneur, and creative life dreams come true!

Whether you are a creative soul, performer, writer, entrepreneur, who has a creative project or product in mind, or perhaps you are already published, wishing you were published, in the process of writing a book or have an idea for a book – the way you set intentions for your work, market yourself to your audience, clients, agents, customers, publishers and the public, and nurture yourself through it — contributes to your success as a writer/creative/entrepreneur/business person. Working with a good marketing coach & life wisdom advisor can provide you with the techniques, knowledge, inspiration and support to succeed. She is also a Cynthia Daddona offers inspirational and informative one-on-one life and career advising, speeches, workshops and vision board coaching on how individuals can achieve success and happiness by being their authentic self and offering their message to the world. She also provides information and resources that can help you with your next steps.

In addition, Cynthia can offering tips from her national wellbeing book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess on how to care for your overall wellbeing and from research as a Wellbeing Lifestyle Expert.

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Inspirational keynote speaker/panelist ♥Workshops & Classes ♥ Life Wisdom Advisor & Marketing Consultant ♥1-on-1 advising by Phone, Skype or email

“When I first met with Cynthia I only had a few chapters. She advised me on how to create dynamic book proposal, pitch myself as an author and encouraged me to attend the Frankfurt Book Expo. As a result I obtained my first international book deal, and the next year a second and third book deal. Cynthia’s guidance, marketing knowledge, consulting and life wisdom advising have been invaluable for marketing my book and myself as an author. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to market their work successfully,” — Christine Brainin, Author of “Celebrate Your Life – Wellness Rituals for Every Month,” “Happy Body and Soul Training” & “Tiger Woman”

Cynthia Daddona is a national author, life wisdom advisor, PR/Marketing Consultant, author, speaker, lifestyle journalist, (wellbeing, food & travel), TV Host/Producer, and comedienne. With over 20 years of media experience she drew on her own expertise and goal setting to market her way to a national book contract without an agent and only a book proposal. Her book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess®, is a lighthearted look at how to nurture your spirit and lighten up your soul. Published by Health Communications (publishers of the successful Chicken Soup for the Soul® series) and it was called “Lighthearted Enlightenment” by the LA Times.

Past clients who have hired Cynthia as a consultant have ranged from entrepreneurs, writer-authors, speakers, including best-selling authors such as novelist/producer Stephen Cannell, self-help authors Barbara DeAngelis and the Hendricks. Cynthia has taught Marketing at the SB Writers Conference, UCSB Adult Extension. As an author she has made numerous public appearances, booksignings and talked about her work on radio, TV, online and in newspapers. As a journalist, Cynthia has written and published over 150 articles for newspapers and national magazines, interviewed over 100 top celebrities and won numerous media, inspirational and comedy writing awards. She has won Two Telly Awards for her TV hosting/producing work. As an author life wisdom advisor and entrepreneur, Cynthia has presented her work at national wellbeing conferences, writing conferences, culinary events, festivals, comedy clubs and special events. She is also a SAG-AFTRA actress, performer and on-camera host-personality. & Call or email to schedule your session, or if you would like to discuss this further with a five minute free consult. 805.451.2270 Cynthia Daddona, Modern Day Goddess Wisdom and Films LLC.

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