A Grecian Goddess Greek Salad

Here is a recipe for a quick and delicious Greek Village Salad. This is a wonderful salad to share at the table with family, friends and loved ones. It is one of the staples of a healthy Mediterranean Greek diet, which research has shown contributes to living a healthier and longer life. I just love […]

Cynthia Daddona: Romantic Mediterranean Culinary Goddess on ABC-TV

ABC-TV. Cynthia Daddona, Goddess Crown Designer, Author & TV Host wearing her Goddess crown & crowning her interviewers on camera! WATCH THE INTERVIEW BELOW » What a joy it has been to appear on TV to talk about our #1 NY Times’ About.com culinary travel video – “A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class.” Best of […]

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Watch Cynthia in 'Crete - Under the Grecian Sun,' A Romantic Culinary-Travel Journey with The Goddess and the GreekĀ®...
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Crete - Under the Grecian Sun, a Romantic Culinary-Travel Journey with The Goddess and The GreekĀ®
Watch Cynthia in 'A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class' in Santorini, Greece...
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#1 NY TIMES' About.com DVD Gift Selection for Foodies and Travelers.
A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class, hosted by Cynthia Daddona, distributed by celebrategreece.com
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