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Welcome! Here is a collection of my videos for you to enjoy. Also my short bio. If you’d like to read my full bio the link is below. Also, scroll to the end of this page to see quotes about my work. Best Wishes, Cynthia Daddona

Cynthia Daddona is an award-winning, on-camera personality-interviewer/author/well-being lifestyle expert (food-travel-life–home-love-longevity-films) indie-filmmaker with a comedy/acting background (SAG-AFTRA). She is passionate about creating and being involved in TV, Film, books, wisdom and content that inspires, informs and entertains audiences to have a happier, healthier, more soulful & delicious life. Her book, Diary of a Modern Day Goddess, is a transformative, self-help book with humor with tips and stories that nurture the body, mind and soul. (published by Health Communications, Inc. – the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers) She is also the host-producer-director of the #1 New York Times’ Culinary-Travel video – A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class, filmed on the beautiful island of Santorini and Under the Grecian Sun with the Goddess and the G(r)eek® filmed on the Greek Island of Crete, which was The official opening night London Greek film festival selection and a Los Angeles Taste Awards Audience Award nominee. In Ravello, Italy, Cynthia also hosted and produced a popular video segment about her visit to an Italian Cooking School taught by Mamma Agata, a notable Italian cook. In addition, she recently hosted an ongoing, 6-part live-TV segment-series called “Well Being for the Body and Soul” (food-travel-well being) on AZTV which broadcasted to over two million viewers viewers. Cynthia also successfully helped her husband through an environmental health challenge by applying her wellbeing wisdom of healing foods, positive living and a healing home.

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Cynthia Daddona Career Highlights Reel:

Cynthia Daddona is an Award-Winning On-Camera Personality with a comedy/acting background (SAG-AFTRA), Author of Diary of a Modern Day Goddess, Lifestyle Journalist and host of the #1 New York Times’ indie Culinary-Travel documentary. Enjoy media clips on Love-Romance, Food-Travel, Wisdom, Comedy, Celebrity Interviews and more!

Modern Day Goddess® Cynthia Daddona – 2 minute Self-Help Stand-Up Comedy Routine (Live Audience)

On Camera Personality/interviewer, Comedienne, Actress (SAG-AFTRA), Author of “Diary of a Modern Day Goddess” (Humorous & Helpful Self-Help Book), and Well Being Lifestyle Expert/Journalist (Food, Travel, Well Being, Life, Love, Film, TV).

Crete – Under the Grecian Sun, hosted by Cynthia Daddona (Trailer)

Follow award-winning lifestyle journalist, comedian, author and Greco-Roman beauty Cynthia Daddona as she explores romantic and delicious Crete, Greece’s Big island! The Goddess and the Greek® (Cynthia and her husband James) enjoy a Romantic Culinary-Travel Journey in Under the Grecian Sun in Crete, Greece. The beautiful Greek island of Crete was the birthplace of the world famous Mediterranean Diet study that showed Cretan villagers’ farm-to-table cuisine and lifestyle were one of the healthiest and longevity producing ways-of-life in the world. The official opening night London Greek Film Festival selection and Los Angeles Taste Awards Audience-Award Nominee. View additional info and quotes on Crete – Under the Grecian Sun

Enjoy viewing my inspiring, informative and at times humorous, background fundraising video. This resulted in contributions which made it possible for me to finish my romantic culinary travel documentary, Crete Under the Grecian Sun, that I hosted and directed on the Greek island of Crete, the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle longevity research. This documentary has been nominated for A Los Angeles Taste Award and was the opening night selection for the London Greek Film Festival.


Cynthia Daddona, an Award-winning, on-camera personality, author, wellbeing expert and filmmaker
hosts “Well Being for the Body and Soul” television segments on AZTV-7 (2 Million Households).

#1 New York Times‘ Culinary-Travel Program: A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class in Santorini, Greece. (Trailer)

Follow our award-winning host and author, CYNTHIA DADDONA as she and the professionals in Santorini, Greece prepare a special multi-course gourmet dinner. This culinary-travel program includes everything from harvesting the herbs, learning the history of the foods and wines, preparing the courses and, finally, dining while enjoying the spectacular island views from the restaurant’s outdoor terrace. Also includes a short segment of the Greek island Wedding wedding of The Goddess and the Greek® (Cynthia and her husband James).

A Romantic Greco-Roman Culinary Journey, hosted by Modern Day Goddess® Cynthia Daddona

Cynthia Daddona cooks with notable Italian Cooking School Chef, Mamma Agata, in a private villa overlooking the spectacular Amalfi Coast of Italy.

ABC-TV Interview of Cynthia Daddona

Compilation: Award-Winning, On-Camera personality/interviewer Cynthia Daddona interviews celebrities on food and film.

Cynthia Daddona’s received her second Telly Award for her on-camera interviews and producing work.
This video achieved over 500K views where it first appeared on website.

Cynthia Daddona Self-Portrait and Twirls Around the World

This video was made for a film class assignment. Background info on Cynthia Daddona and includes joyful twirls around the world from from years of travel with Cynthia Daddona, Author of Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, On-Camera Personality, Life Wisdom Advisor, Well Being Lifestyle Expert, Actress, Speaker and Comedienne. Cynthia also host and Enjoy!

One of Cynthia’s Six “Well Being for Body & Soul” Live TV Segments (2 million viewers)

Watch National Well-being Author-lifestyle expert, and award-winning on camera host/interviewer, culinary travel indie filmmaker and host Cynthia Daddona who hosted “Well Being for Body & Soul” 6 part series segment on AZTV-7 reaching 2 million viewers on Live TV. This episode is on healthy smoothies, Greens, Juices, nut milks (almond) and why to eat organic.

Eco-Home – Product Review of Ecos Paints 0 VOC paint and EMR paint

As an on-camera well-being lifestyle expert, author of a women’s wellness book, “Diary of a Modern Day Goddess”, creator of ModernDayGoddess® I am committed to creating a non-toxic, healing and healthy home and sharing my wisdom with you. I received zero VOC paint from to review for my kitchen. I liked it so much that I purchased it for my bathroom and bedroom. It looks wonderful!

Eco-Friendly Decor Shopping while traveling at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore

Eco-Friendly Decor Shopping while travelling at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. National wellbeing lifestyle expert, award-winning on-camera personality and national wellbeing author Cynthia Daddona visits one of Habitat for Humanity’s 700+ stores in North America to show the wonderful bargains available for anyone to buy. ModernDayGoddess®

Roving Modern Day Goddess Cynthia Daddona finds out Jay Leno’s appeal in Athens (Archival video)

Goddess Correspondent Cynthia Daddona (ModernDayGoddess®.com) visits the Acropolis in Athens, Greece to ask people (and even a horse) if they know TV host Jay Leno with humorous results! This is a video pitch to Jay from Cynthia Daddona to be a correspondent during the Olympics, but she discovered later the Tonight Show isn’t on the air during Olympic coverage.

Cynthia Daddona’s Career Highlights Reel (Longer version)


“Cynthia is a great morning show guest. Her humor & energy wake people up with a smile. This goddess has it all.” – Jeanne Bergh, CBS News

“Lighthearted Enlightenment!” — Ann Shields, Los Angeles Times

“Cynthia Daddona is a natural, vibrant and engaging presenter. As a guest chef, she excels at educating, entertaining and feeding audiences with he ‘Healthy Mediterranean Food & Lifestyle Tips.’ She is charismatic and a delight to work with.” – – Ryan Wooden, Marketing and Demonstrations Whole Foods Market, Inc.

“Cynthia definitely has the television charisma X factor.” — Senior Vice-President Television Executive

“Cynthia’s engaging and joyful presence comes through on-camera and in her inspiring stories of a woman’s journey of finding self love, true love and the love of human connection discovered through cooking, creativity, and grace at the dining table.” — Sidney Clifton; Creator, Exec. Producer of The Celebration Table with Maya Angelou

“In our ten years of programming. Cynthia Daddona was one of our best guests. She is beautiful, lively, informative and the camera loves her!” — Paul Van Name, Director – Wisdom Television®

“Cynthia Daddona will nurture your spirit, uplift your soul and tickle your funny bone. She is an inspirational example of someone who believes in herself, her work, stays focused and affirms her success to manifest her dreams.” — Jack Canfield, Co-creator of #1 NY best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®, The Secret® Teacher and Co-Author of The Success Principles®

“Cynthia Daddona is a breath of fresh air that sparkles like a morning sunrise.” — Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® and Co-Author of Cracking The Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth

“My #1 choice for a fabulous gift is A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class video. It is one of the most beautiful and educational productions I’ve seen. Cynthia Daddona hosts this cooking-lesson-tour-romantic-interlude from the Greek island of Santorini. This program is as much a travelogue as it is a cooking video. The videography is beautiful, Cynthia is an engaging TV host, and the recipes are oh-so tempting. A section of the production is devoted to exploring ingredients, and it’s fascinating! If you can’t take a trip to the Greek islands this year, this is the next best thing!” — Nancy Gaifyllia, New York Times’

“Greece is the Culinary Word! If you ache for the Aegean yet your bank account hurts even more, let Cynthia Daddona who hosts “A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class take you to the spectacular archipelago of Santorini. Daddona, known for her best-selling book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, was married on this enchanted isle, so she’s a perfect guide to its beauty and culinary bounty…” — George Yatchisin, Food Editor – The Santa Barbara Independent

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Goddess and the Greek’s Crete adventure called Crete Under the Grecian Sun! The food looked so good! I loved the interviews with the locals and the experts. Cynthia is delightful as an on camera host and I felt like I was on the trip with her and her husband! They made the travel look easy and overall left me with a strong desire to hop on a plane to Crete after planning my very own Greek vacay. Such a cute couple full of joy and light!. Thanks to the Goddess and the Greek!” – Roxy Angel Superstar, California

“Cynthia Daddona skillfully hosts this romantic culinary travel journey Crete: Under the Grecian Sun & her improvisational comedic talents also shine through making for a very entertaining program!” – The Hellenic Journal

“I just watched Cynthia Daddona’s documentary Crete – Under the Grecian Sun this afternoon and I enjoyed it very much. The writing, editing and hosting are quite good and its fun to watch.” — Larry Sakin, Exec. Producer – BEING GEORGE CLOONEY documentary, Radio-Host-Writer and Alternative Energy Advocate

“I highly recommend A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (video program) hosted by Cynthia Daddona. It is an incredible and uplifting video that made me feel like I traveled on a private journey without leaving my home. I felt like I was right there in Greece with Cynthia. As a host, Cynthia is authentic and brilliant on-camera. Her videos, book and work over the years, have inspired me to want to cook and travel, but most of all Cynthia has awakened me to want to experience more of my inner joy and to live a life with more appreciation and celebration. There is magic in experiencing Cynthia’s energy, expressions, ability to connect with others and a refreshing inner spirit that sparkles on-camera and in-person. It is the spirit of who Cynthia is and the way she lives her life as a celebration. After viewing the DVD, I couldn’t wait to eat Greek food. On Cynthia’s website,, I learned the important elements of the Mediterranean Diet and how to make a traditional Greek salad that I love eating several times a week. I think A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class DVD, Cynthia and her online recipes & lifestyle tips are refreshing and delicious!” — Teresa Rodgers, Organizational Consultant,


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