Well Being Consultations for a Healthier, Happier Home, Body, Mind and Soul

Well Being Consultations for a Healthier, Happier Home, Body, Mind and Soul.

Consult with Healthy Living and Home Life Wisdom Advisor, Author and Well Being Lifestyle expert Cynthia Daddona on how to have a healthier home, body, mind and soul.

From your food, water, air, housing, home décor, cleaning products, relationships and more, Cynthia Daddona, can offer you solutions and options for a happier, healthier home and you! She can lend her wisdom on ways to set up, revise or create a home and lifestyle that contributes to your well-being.

Cynthia is a Well Being Lifestyle expert and journalist who hosts the “Wellbeing for the Body and Soul” segment on AZTV. (Reaching 2 million viewers). She is also the author of Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, a well being book on how to nurture the body, mind and soul. (Published by Health Communications who also publishes the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.)

When her husband went through an environmental health challenge, she was able to assist him in healing through her organic healthy meals, wellbeing wisdom and by creating a safe, non-toxic and healthy home. Her wisdom and wellbeing advice has helped her audience members, readers and clients and herself enjoy happier, healthier and more joy filled lives.

She is available to consult with you on a variety of topics, such as.

• How to eat clean, pesticide and toxic-free on a budget
• Green cleaning solutions
• Tips and resources for finding, fixing or maintaining a healthy home
• No or low VOC paint, housewares, furnishings, flooring
• Reducing and avoiding Electro-magnetic (EMF) pollution
• Clean water options for bathing, showering, drinking and eating
• Indoor/Outdoor Pollution
• Optimal Sleeping Conditions
• Reducing Use of Endocrine Disrupting Plastics
• Non–toxic bedding
• Non toxic dishware and cookware
• Non-medical lifestyle Well-Being consultation for the body, mind and soul
And so much more!

Learn more about Cynthia by clicking here.

Session Length
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$1/minute (30 minute minimum; $60 for an hour; $30 for 30 minutes, etc.) By proceeding you agree to the WAIVER/DISCLAIMER below.* Please note: A $25 cancellation fee will be applied to appointments cancelled or rescheduled without 24 hours notice.

By having a session(s) with Cynthia you agree that it is for informational purposes and that results cannot be guaranteed. You take full responsibility for all your actions and any results from following any of Cynthia’s information and/or advise. All information received from me (Cynthia Daddona) to you and information received by me (Cynthia Daddona) from you is agreed to be confidential (unless legally required). You hereby hold harmless Cynthia Daddona and Modern Day Goddess Wisdom & Films LLC from any and all liabilities and/or claims that you have or may have, now or in the future. I have read and understood all of the above, and agree to proceed under these conditions.

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