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Cynthia Daddona at a Sedona, Arizona labyrinth depicting "Wisdom of the Ages." Quote: "I believe you can align with your inner world to help shape your outer world." - Cynthia Daddona

I believe you can align with your inner world to help shape your outer world.
- Cynthia Daddona

Jumpstart Your Joy-Filled Life!

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Are you ready to live your most joyfuL & AUTHENTIC life?

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I believe honoring your heritage and combining it with well being, wisdom, self-love and soul care while giving back to your community contributes to a more fulfilling life.  I also draw great inspiration from celebrating my Italian & Greek immigrant ancestors' culture whose courage to come to America, taught me about inner strength by creating a well lived life of love, food, family, faith, persistence, nature and longevity.  Hope you can find ways to celebrate your life and history too.

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MEET Cynthia 

Cynthia is a award-winning on-camera personality-interviewer, author, wellbeing lifestyle expert, advocate & journalist (food, travel, home, wellbeing, film/TV), comedienne-actress (SAG-AFTRA), indie film producer, an accomplished Mediterranean-inspired foods cook and a spiritual and wellbeing life wisdom coach for all areas of your life.  Cynthia also hosted a 6-part live TV segment on AZTV called "Wellbeing for the Body & Soul." reaching 2 million viewers.  Her segment covered wellbeing wisdom, Mediterranean inspired recipes,mindset, wellbeing gifts and giving back. She is also the host of #1 New York Times' Greek Food documentary, “A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class,” filmed in Santorini, Greece, as well as Crete: Under the Grecian Sun, filmed in Crete, and the popular video of her cooking with Mamma Agata, a notable culinary instructor, on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Her Greek culinary travel documentaries have screened in a variety of film festivals and are now streaming worldwide.  These culinary travel documentaries explore the savoring of times at the table and the healthy foods of Mediterranean culture and more.

As an inspirational speaker Cynthia has given 100's of talks on wellbeing for the body, mind, soul & home topics drawing on her wisdom from extensive study, research and from her own life, love & personal growth laboratory.

As a freelance lifestyle & wellness journalist, on-camera personality & TV host-interviewer, Cynthia enjoys talking with people about their lives and with her joyful and insightful nature they enjoy talking with her. She has interviewed people from all walks of life from everyday folks to culinary and personal development experts to 150+ entertainment notables such as comedy icon Jonathan Winters, Academy-Award winners Sally Fields, Anthony Hopkins, Olympia Dukakis, Emmy Winner Merv Griffin, Grammy Award winner Michael Bolton, LL Cool J, Chicken Soup for the Soul® book series co-creator & personal development pioneer Jack Canfield, Rita Wilson, Jeremy Irons, and more.

Cynthia received a Telly Award for her insightful and joyous interviews on films, culture and food with celebrities on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. Her work has also appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR radio, USA TV network, Hallmark Channel, and in USA Today, Travel World News, First for Women, Los Angeles Times, James Beard Award-winning Edible Magazine, Spirituality and Health, International Living, The Hellenic Journal and

In addition, she is a dynamic presenter on television, at special events, conferences and culinary programs. As a keynote speaker at SPA Magazine’s national conference, “Living Life in Balance,” Cynthia provided life wisdom tips. She has also spoken to travelers about regional dishes and the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine and has made presentations on wellness, Mediterranean cooking and lifestyle at top spas, cruises, festivals, churches and at Whole Foods, Inc., who described Cynthia as, “A natural, vibrant and engaging guest-chef/presenter who excels at educating, entertaining and feeding audiences.”


She is passionate about longevity wisdom, food as medicine, sustenance, love connection and access for all to healthy housing options and clean fruits and vegetables.

In addition to being herself, she enjoys playing her original comedic characters of the Modern Day Goddess®, a woman on a quest to become her spiritual, feminine, courageous self.

Learn more...much more!

Modern Day Goddess
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“Cynthia Daddona will nurture your spirit, uplift your soul and tickle your funny bone. She is an inspirational example of someone who believes in herself, her work, stays focused and affirms her success to manifest her dreams.”


Jack Canfield

Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Co-Author of The Success Principles

Success Coach



Mediterranean Culinary-Travel Stories of
Life, Love & Longevity

Recipes to Nourish
the Body, Mind & Soul

Hi Everyone,  Later this year, I will be offering an inspiring video course, called  "Joyful Mediterranean Date Dinners" that focuses on the ritual and recipes for consistent wellbeing times at the table for yourself, and/or partner and loved ones.  The recipes are Mediterranean - Italian and Greek inspired with gluten-free & dairy-free options.  This video course is inspired by my own life starting with my Mediterranean Italian-Greek heritage, my travels of hosting culinary documentaries, my teaching wellbeing and cooking classes and simply experiencing healthy, soul satisfying times at the table.  My husband (James) and I had weekly date dinners since 2006 and for myself back when I was single.  Subscribe to my newsletter to learn when this course has been released and to receive wellbeing wisdom tips and recipes for a more joyful life. 
Love and Blessings to you,  Cynthia 
Enjoy Delicious & Healthy Recipes Now!


Hydrating-ly Refreshing!

Watch Cynthia's "Wellbeing for the Body and Soul," 
a 6 part live TV segment that appeared on AZTV,
reaching 2 million viewers.  The segments covered

wellbeing wisdom, Mediterranean inspired recipes,

positive mindset, wellbeing gifts and giving back. 

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