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Cooking Classes with Cynthia Daddona
Food...One of the Timeless Languages of Love!



Cooking Classes and Joyfully Divine Date Dinners
Personal (virtual), Group (virtual), or Pre-Recorded (audio/video) Cooking Courses
Taught by Cynthia

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• You & Cynthia will decide the menu


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• Cheering and Guiding You On!


• Cynthia will set the menu


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• Cheering and Guiding You On!


• Video Classes:

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Video Course, Cook-Booklet and Recipes

Mediterranean Culinary-Travel Stories of
Life, Love & Longevity

Recipes to Nourish
the Body, Mind & Soul

Hi Everyone,  Later this year, I will be offering an inspiring video course, called  "Joyful Mediterranean Date Dinners" that focuses on the ritual and recipes for consistent wellbeing times at the table for yourself, and/or partner and loved ones.  The recipes are Mediterranean - Italian and Greek inspired with gluten-free & dairy-free options.  This video course is inspired by my own life starting with my Mediterranean Italian-Greek heritage, my travels of hosting culinary documentaries, my teaching wellbeing and cooking classes and simply experiencing healthy, soul satisfying times at the table.  My husband (James) and I had weekly date dinners since 2006 and for myself back when I was single.  Subscribe to my newsletter to learn when this course has been released and to receive wellbeing wisdom tips and recipes for a more joyful life. 
Love and Blessings to you,  Cynthia 

How to use these Recipes for Life, Love and Longevity!

The Mediterranean Sea is also the birthplace of the world famous Mediterranean Diet study that showed Greek and Italian villagers’ farm-to-table cuisine and lifestyle were one of the healthiest and longevity producing ways-of-life in the world.

Crete - Under the Grecian Sun with the Goddess and the Greek® and A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (Santorini, Greece) are uplifting video journeys highlighting food and travel in the beautiful Greek islands.  Follow award-winning host/interviewer, wellness/lifestyle journalist, comedian, author (Diary of A Modern Day Goddess) and Italian-Greek-American Cynthia Daddona, with occasional appearances with her Greek-Canadian-American husband James, as she explores rustic villages and urban areas in the Greek islands, Greece and Italy.

As a wellbeing author (Diary of a Modern Day Goddess), lifestyle journalist (food, travel, wellness magazines) and an independent filmmaker, Cynthia was delighted to experience, first-hand, farm-to-table Mediterranean cuisine and Crete’s culture, ancient history, village life and its warm, friendly people. The fact that Crete is the island where the Mediterranean Diet’s longevity research first took place was extra special for her as she enjoys researching how food and lifestyle affects one’s well-being. The 15-year research study headed by Ancel Keys, started in the late 1950’s and was called, “The Seven Countries Study.” It confirmed that Cretan island villagers had the lowest heart disease rate in the world giving the Mediterranean Diet its gold standard.

Cynthia’s recipes for positive living, well-being, laughter, spirituality, happy relationships, holistic living, delicious dining, inviting tables and delicious, healthy Mediterranean-inspired cuisine helps audiences create and savor times together around the table. She believes sitting at a table eating healthy delicious food, whether alone or with friends and loved ones, is nourishing to the soul and that feeding people is a sacred act. Cynthia gives back in a variety of ways, including donating food to foodbanks and volunteering in a community organic garden.
Cynthia’s American-Greco-Roman heritage, culinary journeys, home cooking experience, wit, life wisdom, humor and stories entertain and inspire by offering her audiences insights on how to create a more delicious, soulful and happy life. In addition, she won 1st place for one of her Mediterranean recipes in the International Mediterranean Diet Contest.

Also, enjoy Cynthia's Date Night Scheduler and Recipes in the booklet for planning wonderful date-night dinners at home.  Do as The Goddess and the Greek® do at home and alternate who plans date nights!


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Jumpstart Your Joy-Filled Life!

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