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A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (TV Program)
Santorini, Greece
hosted by Cynthia Daddona

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Travel to Greece by watching this video and experience a wonderful Greek Islands Gourmet Cooking Class in the village of Thera on the island of Santorini.

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“My #1 choice for a fabulous gift is A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (DVD). It is one of the most beautiful (and educational) productions I’ve seen. Cynthia Daddona hosts this cooking-lesson-tour-romantic-interlude from the Greek island of Santorini. This 71-minute DVD is as much a travelogue as it is a cooking video. The videography is beautiful, Cynthia is an engaging host, and the recipes are oh-so tempting. A section of the production is devoted to exploring ingredients, and it’s fascinating! If you can’t take a trip to the Greek islands this year, this is the next best thing!” — Nancy Gaifyllia, New York Times’ About.Com

“Greece is the Culinary Word! If you ache for the Aegean yet your bank account hurts even more, let Cynthia Daddona and her latest release, A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class take you to the spectacular archipelago of Santorini. Daddona, know for her best-selling book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, was married on this enchanted isle, so she’s a perfect guide to its beauty and culinary bounty.”— George Yatchisin, Food Editor – The Santa Barbara Independent

“A Must Have for Every Household” — Greek Star Newspaper

“Entertaining & Inspiring DVD! The scenery is absolutely stunning. Santorini, Greece is picturesque and the island is full of history, character, and delicious cuisine. Cynthia Daddona, the host of the program, has a charismatic personality on-camera and draws you in with her enthusiasm about Santorini and a selection of its signature dishes. The cooking class featured in the program has a do-it-yourself appeal and you feel as welcome in the kitchen as a family member would be. The dishes featured on the DVD all look mouth-watering and appear to be easy to prepare–which is always a plus. This DVD has a mixture of history, culture, delicious cuisine, and a touch of romance–and the combination works! I highly recommend it.” — E. Melia, Tucson, Arizona

“I highly recommend A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class DVD hosted by Cynthia Daddona. It is an incredible and uplifting video that made me feel like I traveled on a private journey without leaving my home. I felt like I was right there in Greece with Cynthia. As a host, Cynthia is authentic and brilliant on-camera. Her videos, book and work over the years, have inspired me to want to cook and travel, but most of all Cynthia has awakened me to want to experience more of my inner joy and to live a life with more appreciation and celebration. There is magic in experiencing Cynthia’s energy, expressions, ability to connect with others and a refreshing inner spirit that sparkles on-camera and in-person. It is the spirit of who Cynthia is and the way she lives her life as a celebration. After viewing the DVD, I couldn’t wait to eat Greek food. On Cynthia’s website,, I learned the important elements of the Mediterranean Diet and how to make a traditional Greek salad that I love eating several times a week. I think A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class DVD, Cynthia and her online recipes & lifestyle tips are refreshing and delicious!“

— Teresa Rodgers, Organizational Consultant,

“This DVD has it all: Comedy, Food, and Romance! What a little treasure this video is! I was looking forward to viewing this video, as I am of Greek descent and have visited the beautiful island of Santorini many times. I also enjoy regional Greek Cuisine and found the recipes and techniques in this video very intriguing and I think easily adaptable for the home chef. The bonus section at the end showcases various cheeses and herbs of Santorini, and is definitely a visual treat for the most die-hard foodie!

This video features a destination cooking class and takes place on the dramatic island of Santorini– which was the also the setting for the wedding of the filmmakers. Interspersed among the cookery class and food tips are scenes of the natural beauty of the island, and glimpses of a traditional Greek Island wedding. I really liked the personal story and felt like I was experiencing the culture of Santorini, and thought the filmmakers did an excellent job incorporating those extra touches into the finished product. Additionally, the scenery is so gorgeous!!!

Finally, I have to say that this video also has a sense of humor! Cynthia Daddona is really engaging and does a great job of keeping things flowing and has a very warm and charming personality. I would recommend this video for a foodie, a travel fan, or for a fan of romance.”
— Terry Chlentzos, California

“Watching “A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class” DVD made me feel like I was on a personal tour with an energetic, warm guide and TV host, Cynthia Daddona. Not only did I get an overview of the main sites of Greece and the beauty of Santorini, I got to participate in a private cooking class. Cynthia’s love for the Mediterranean along with her joy, feel and knowledge for Greece is delightful.” — Lori Cooper Wardrobe Consultant,

“I liked this DVD because I got an overall picture in my mind of Santorini, which I would hope to visit someday soon. I liked the menu and the cooking demonstration from the restaurant. I found it easy and informative. I liked hearing about the native plants that were used for the recipes. To me, interspersing the photos of the wedding and of this incredibly beautiful island only enhanced the DVD for me. I liked the travelogue that went along with the cooking demo. All in all it was fun and informative to watch.” — K. Carralejo

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