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Crete – Under the Grecian Sun, Romantic Culinary-Travel Documentary with TV Host Cynthia Daddona

Crete - Under the Grecian Sun, a Romantic, Culinary Travel Journey with The Goddess and the Greek®

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“I just watched your documentary Crete – Under the Grecian Sun this afternoon and I enjoyed it very much. The writing, editing and hosting are quite good and its fun to watch.” — Larry Sakin, Exec. Producer – BEING GEORGE CLOONEY documentary, Radio-Host-Writer and Alternative Energy Advocate


Comments from happy viewers:

“Love of Life and Health! This documentary shares Cynthia’s enthusiasm regarding life and health by taking us to the roots of the organic and happy life of the Greek food and culture that loves life and people!” — D.P.

“Crete – Under the Grecian Sun gives an overview of how to live the Mediterranean lifestyle, where to stay while in Crete, Greece, the sightseeing that’s a must, and it’s so informative without being a stuffy documentary. If you want to explore Greece and it’s culture, this is a great starting point. Cynthia Daddona’s presentation is warm, friendly and just plain fun! You can almost smell the food, feel the ocean lapping at your feet and the breeze blowing against your skin.” – K.L., Arizona

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Goddess and the Greek’s Crete adventure! The food looked so good! I loved the interviews with the locals and the experts. Cynthia is delightful and I felt like I was on the trip with her and her husband! They made the travel look easy and overall left me with a strong desire to hop on a plane to Crete after planning my very own Greek vacay. Such a cute couple full of joy and light!. Thanks to the Goddess and the Greek!”

– Roxy Angel Superstar, California

“I thoroughly enjoyed this video. It had the unanticipated effect of lifting my spirits in addition to educating me about Cretan cuisine, sights, history and way of life. It had another surprising effect – I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen and start preparing and cooking a meal (unusual for me). Following hosts Cynthia and James, with their delightful positive energy, I felt as if I had been to Crete myself. The video provides excellent visual details of traditional Cretan food, but it goes far beyond the food itself to emphasize the importance of the connection to the land and traditional ways of life such as taking siestas and socializing outdoors during meals. I enjoyed the excellent historical background and felt as if I were tapping into some very old and basic element of being human. I also enjoyed having a taste of the local music, dance, museums, spiritual and archaeological sites, and a visit to a 800-year-old olive tree! I appreciated the advice about what to look for in an olive oil. With excellent interviews with local hotel and taverna owners (great for shy travelers like me), the video is nothing short of a celebration of life.”

– Amazon Customer

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Awhile back I was invited on a trip to the delicious Greek island of Crete, which is where the research for the Mediterranean Diet originated. As a lifestyle journalist (food-travel-wellness) and an independent filmmaker, I join a small group of print journalist. During my visit I was delighted to experience, first-hand, farm-to-table Mediterranean cuisine, the culture, ancient history, village life and the warm, friendly people. The fact that Crete is the island where the Mediterranean Diet’s longevity research took place was extra special for me as I enjoy researching how food and lifestyle affects one’s well-being. A 15-year research study, started in the late 1950’s, was called the Seven Countries Study. It confirmed that Cretan villagers had the lowest heart disease rate in the world giving the Mediterranean Diet its gold standard. When I returned back home, I thought what I experienced in Crete shouldn’t be limited to just an online video blog/article, but rather expanded into what has become Crete – Under the Grecian Sun, A Romantic Culinary-Travel Journey with The Goddess and the Greek®.

The Goddess and the Greek®

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Enjoying the Minoan Palace of Knossos in Crete

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(Fundraising campaign video; CAMPAIGN NOW CLOSED)

Enjoy viewing my inspiring, informative and at times humorous, background fundraising video. This resulted in contributions which made it possible for me to finish my romantic culinary travel documentary, Crete Under the Grecian Sun, that I hosted and directed on the Greek island of Crete, the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle longevity research. This documentary has been nominated for a Los Angeles Taste Award and was the opening night selection for the London Greek Film Festival.

I am an Italian-Greek American with an acting and improvisational comedy background. I also have experience as a freelance lifestyle journalist covering arts and entertainment, food, travel, cultures, well-being and Eco-living. In addition, I authored a national book Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, a lighthearted wellness book for nurturing one’s body, mind and soul. My background helped me to explore the many aspects of Crete and often with a lighthearted touch, from talking with Greek Yiayias (grandmothers) in the kitchen, rolling domalthes (stuffed grape leaves), Greek dancing in circles, hanging out in the dirt with archaeologists and much more, all without a script!

Award-winning on-camera personality, wellbeing lifestyle expert, author and TV Host Cynthia Daddona (left) talks longevity with a Cretan Grandmother.

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Like all good heroic journeys there have been challenges along the way toward completing this documentary. One of the challenges was when my beloved husband James (A Greek-American; founder of was eventually diagnosed with an environmental illness. Gratefully, he is now on the mend through the help of continuous prayer, a great environmental medical doctor and our following an eco-lifestyle that avoids toxins and includes eating the anti-inflammatory Mediterranean Diet. I thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes. Fortunately, I love to cook and James loves to eat! We often call ourselves The Goddess (me-Cynthia) and The Greek (my husband James) and with my Greek god doing much better now, I am able to return to my creative work. As I mentioned above, I am now seeking your help in finishing and getting the word out for this beautiful and inspiring documentary Crete: Under the Grecian Sun. For your contribution you will be able to choose from the many Perks (contribution gifts), some which include your very own copy (DVD or online digital viewing) of Crete: Under the Grecian Sun to help you create your own Goddess and the Greek® moments at home, even if you’re not Greek!

An exquisite Greek Villager's salad (Horiatiki salata)

(©MMXXII and

Program Description:

Join award-winning on-camera personality, lifestyle journalist, author of “Diary of A Modern Day Goddess,” and independent producer Cynthia Daddona as she delivers her most fun and inspiring cultural travel exploration yet. In this documentary Cynthia, an Italian-Greek-American, is joined by her Greek-American husband James and together they are The Goddess and the Greek,® in Crete: Under the Grecian Sun. Come along as they celebrate a romantic eco-culinary and travel journey on this savory island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Goddess and the Greek® invite you to Celebrate Greece’s BIG island, CRETE!

Poster and/or DVD Cover

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So, sit back, relax and enjoy as you discover the delicious and life-enhancing ways of life on the Greek island of Crete. Follow Cynthia as she explores eco-village living and the Mediterranean way of life that includes savoring times at the table while eating the delicious and healthy cuisine of Crete. A 15-year scientific study of seven diverse countries confirmed that the Cretan village farmers of the 1960’s had the best health and longevity in the world. The diet of Crete and Southern Italy eventually became the foundation for the famous Mediterranean Diet.

Rethymnon, Crete, Greece.

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Crete – Under the Grecian Sun showcases Crete’s bountiful food traditions and tables, both ancient and modern, vibrant and vital villages, wisdoms of the Yia Yias (grandmas), working farm-to-table agritourism sites, contemporary hotels and spas, sun-soaked sandy beaches, goddess-based ancient Minoan culture, archaeological splendors of rich history, and natural majestic landscapes reminiscent of a Tuscany on the Aegean Sea. Cretan culture today is a blend of mainly Greek along with touches of Venetian & Turkish influences. Its cuisine is forever an ethnic cornucopia of tastes and smells using the freshest local ingredients and time-honored recipes. This delicious, entertaining and informative program is the next best thing to actually being in Crete!

AphFoodite®, The Greek Goddess of Food and Love.

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The Goddess and the Greek® in Crete.

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