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Based on an article written by
Cynthia Daddona in Spirituality & Health Magazine

Wheelizations - Life Lessons from a Van

Cynthia Daddona is an award-winning, on-camera personality, well-being lifestyle expert, SAG-AFTRA actress (with a comedy performing background) and the author of "Diary of A Modern Day Goddess," a transformational self-help memoir with humor.  



In this video she reflects on her "Wheel-izations," life lessons learned in a van. It was by applying love, trust, faith, persistence and courage along with her extensive personal growth wisdom that helped her and her husband overcome adversity from his environmental illness and go on to create an even more fulfilling life. This video is inspired by Cynthia's national book and her national article in "Spirituality and Health" magazine called, "Life Lessons from A Parking Lot." 

"Wheelizations - Life Lessons from a Van is very inspiring and has a lot of solid storytelling in it.  It brought some laughter, tears and inspiration to me personally"
             -- Helen Stephenson, Founder and Executive Director of the Prescott Film Festival and Film & Media Department Director, Yavapai College, in Sedona, Arizona

"Wheelizations - Life Lessons from a Van with Cynthia Daddona
made me laugh, cry and feel amazing.  I am inspired."
             -- Thatcher Bohrman, Video Art Instructor, Yavapai College,
in Sedona, Arizona

"This story is red-hot!"
  -- Rex Wyler, Co-Founder of GreenPeace

"In the downsizing of your space, may this be an upsizing of your life."
             -- Tom Shadyac, Director of most Jim Carrey's comedy movies
and author/director of the documentary I AM.

"The world needs Cynthia Daddona!"
               --James Stathis, Founder of


Lisa Rhine (Left, President Yavapai College), Helen

Stephenson (2nd from Left), Cynthia, Thatcher Bohrman (Right)


Director Tom Shadyac (c)
and The Goddess And The Greek®

IMG_3948_Rex_Wyler_Greenpeace crop.jpg

[Video] Actor Harrison Ford fundraising for the
Santa Barbara Safe Parking Program

The idea of finding a safe space [Santa Barbara Safe Parking Program] for people to park their vehicles that they're living out of is so smart and simple that one wonders why it hadn't been figured out before"
                                                                           - Actor Harrison Ford


“Cynthia Daddona is an inspirational example of someone who believes in herself, her work, stays focused and affirms her success to manifest her dreams.”
Jack Canfield
Co-Creator of 
• Chicken Soup for the Soul book series

• Co-Author of The Success Principles
Success Coach

CYNTHIA'S ADVOCACY  (Watch more of Cynthia's advocacy work)
Speaker - Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano Speaker Series

Cynthia Daddona shares her personal story of love and humanity in hopes of influencing change.

Cynthia, an Italian-Greek-American, is a healthy living and wellbeing-lifestyle advocate, on-camera talent-interviewer, and actress-performer.  She is a graduate of the innovative advocate, speaker series training program created by the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano, highlighted in this video.

Remember you are A Shining Light who can spread Joy, Love & Kindness.

Cynthia advocates to Senator Glazer for more aid to those in the population experiencing food insecurity, defined as not having enough access to food, or food of an adequate quality, to meet one's basic needs.  For the improved health of the people, Cynthia advocates for more access to fruits and vegetables, food-as-medicine, produce prescriptions, medically tailored meals, and increased food assistance programs (including food stamps) for those in the population experiencing food insecurity.

42 million people in the United States alone are experiencing food insecurity.  That is about 1 in 8 people!  In the world, the U.N. reports 828 million experience hunger and/or food insecurity.


“Cynthia's story is incredible and it touched me because its not like any story that I’ve heard. I’ve heard a lot of stories about people who suffer from a partner’s illness and losing their homes and there is a heaviness from it. What was so refreshing is that while there is a serious aspect to what you experienced with your husband, you brought a lightness to it that came from you spirit. Your spirit has been what has sustained you and combined with your husband’s spirit, that is what has sustained the both of you. The fact that you have maintained your beautiful relationship throughout is quite a testament and really quite remarkable. Often when couples go through something as life challenging as you both have, a lot of times their relationship doesn’t survive, but yours has and that’s what is truly incredible. And the history that you have written this beautiful book and you actually implemented the principles you talked about is just wow! You’ve come through a very difficult time with grace and joy and that is just amazing. You have demonstrated so much power, strength and determination in just being who you are and I look forward to seeing you and your story on screen or on stage somewhere soon.”

- Terry Hayes, Life Coach

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