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[Video] Romantic, Greek Culinary Memory in Mykonos, Greece

During the course of one’s lifetime we will all have eaten many meals whether alone or with others. Some which are ordinary and others quite special. The mere scent and taste of a certain food or even a photo can transport us back to a wonderful food memory which includes the people, the food and the location.

A Greek salad or horiatiki (villager salad) is what I love to make at home as often as possible. Its gorgeous colors and shapes of ripe tomatoes, green or red peppers, Kalamata olives, cucumber slices sprinkled with Greek oregano and lemon juice and completed with a glisten of olive oil and creamy feta cheese (made from goat and or sheep’s milk) are a feast for the senses. It is also take me back to my wedding and honeymoon on the Greek islands of Santorini and Crete and our recent trip to Naxos and Mykonos.

Watch the video below and join me as we enjoy a Greek salad by the Mediterranean sea at a Greek taverna, Alexandros, located in the Little Venice section of Mykonos:

Our Greek village salad in Mykonos is another precious deposit into to our romantic culinary food memory bank.

Remember you can create or recreate your own wonderful food memory at home or while traveling as well.

– I want to share with you a simple and easy recipe to make your own Greek salad which I now call:

"A Grecian Goddess Greek Salad."

– Go to the recipe section of this website to view this and all the delicious recipes.

– You can also watch clips of another culinary travel memory we had in “A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class” (available Amazon Prime, Vimeo and other streaming sites) which was filmed in romantic Santorini, Greece and chosen the #1 New York Times' culinary travel gift. #aegean #culinary #Cynthia #Daddona #destination #dining #food #greece #greek #horiatici #horiatiki #islands #Mediterranean #moderndaygoddess #mykonos #romancing #romancingthetable #romantic #salads #table #Travel #Video


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